Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: A Path towards Freedom

  • DATE : 04/10/2022 04/10/2022
  • TIME : 12:00–13:20
  • VENUE : Online Event

Spotlight Taiwan 2022 Lecture Series

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Fieldoffice Architects (hereinafter referred to as Fieldoffice) rooted in the landscape of Yilan is an “alliance of gathered will” of nearly thirty people that is steadily growing and expanding. The young staff hails from all corners of Taiwan. Through 20 years, every staff member has learned from the local Yilanese and from this has gradually formed one’s own way of living. Inspired by the unique geography, mythology, history, climate condition and rebellious spirits of this land, everyone has slowly come to realize that Taiwan’s democratic nature has always been very much alive. As long as the younger generation is free from the restraints of specialization, they could start from every possible corner and freely search for their own client or clientele, working together with select resources to leisurely create a collaborative working spirit of discipline. Year after year, together with partners and local inhabitants, a collective of public corridors have been successively created, earning the admiration of the local people experiencing these urban open spaces with a heartfelt connection.

Through these processes, intimate relationships are formed between design, applicability and the ever- changing environment without the need for words. Throughout the villages and countryside of Yilan, an existing vision of interconnected spaces with no central theme or urgent demand for future developments conforming to a fixed and inflexible master plan exists. However, with enough knowledge and creative input it is possible to see the wildest of dreams come to creation, correlation and fulfillment. Paving the way for organic architecture to branch forth and spread its roots deep within living communities, enveloping limitless creative vistas of potential that exist in a living cycle of life that pursues the ideal of “creating a newly-found local life through professional integration”.




About the Speaker


As reflected in their creations, the long-term establishment of Fieldoffice in Yilan and with their design seldom straying from the county, all of which illustrate their intention to not execute architecture with the seemingly plausible and common knowledge. Instead, they wish to integrate themselves with the pulse of the local by living a life that is absolutely genuine and thorough. It is through these perceptions that intimate relationships are formed, without the need for words, between design and factors such as the constantly changing environment and applicability. For Fieldoffice, the core of design does not correspond to architectural construction, and does not end after it is completed. They believe that when the architecture is in use, design is still in progress because life (or application) is a live concept, and is forever in a progressive form.



Huang, Sheng-Yuan is the principal of Fieldoffice Architects in Yilan, Taiwan, and graduated from Tunghai University Dep. of Architecture in 1986 and received his M. Arch. with Honors from Yale University in 1991. In the early days of his career, he worked at Eric Owen Moss Architects as a Project Associate. Before returning to Taiwan, he taught at North Carolina State University. Currently he is the principle of Fieldoffice Architects+Sheng-Yuan Huang and initiated projects such as Yilan Vascular Bundle Project, Yilan City Historical Path refound, Yilan River and Surrounding Community Development, and Yilan County South Cultural Center. All of these projects strive to integrate the building into the existing natural landscape. He has remained as professor at Chun-Yuan Christian University, Dep. of Architecture, and at National Yilan University, Graduate Institute of Architecture and Sustainable Planning, as well as advisor to the Architecture and Arts Committee of Taiwan Council of Cultural Affairs. Since 2016, Fieldoffice Architects+Sheng-Yuan Huang started the touring exhibition, namely Making Places at Alvar Aalto Museum, Jyväskylä. In 2017, he just received the Yosizaka Takamasa Award in Waseda University, Tokyo and National Culture and Arts Foundation Award, Taipei.