TAIWAN FILMFEST 2022//電影//開麥拉//電影//開麥拉

  • DATE : 23/09/2022 27/09/2022
  • TIME : 17:30–21:00
  • VENUE : Filmhouse

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23 September 2022 Listen Before You Sing 聽見歌再唱

Director: Shine YANG / 2021 / Taiwan / 113 mins

An elementary school located on the deep mountain is facing a crisis of being abolished due to population migration. The PE teacher is assigned to form a choir, and to win the national choir contest in order to solve such crisis. With limited resource and absolutely no music background, the PE teacher and a group of tone-deaf students start to prepare for the contest. On the contest day, the students hear other choir singing, they refuse to get onto the stage because they believe their voice is different therefore is wrong. The PE teacher has to lure the students to finish the contest. They do not win any place, but still get big applause from the audience. For the students from a small school, the applause from thousands of audience create a huge impact on them, which get the teacher to think if he can use choir to change the depressing situation of this school.

24 September 2022 Increasing Echo 修行

Director: CHIENN Hsiang / 2021 / Taiwan / 85 mins

Years ago, Mr. Yan had a physical affair and was caught by his wife. Mr. Yan at the end returned to home “obediently,” and the mistress disappeared. After that, Mr. and Mrs. Yan continue to live as normal, and Mrs. Yan becomes the boss in the house. Mr. Yan lives day after day as if castrated (figuratively speaking).

One day, Mrs. Yan receives a call from the States. It is said that the mistress has suffered from dementia after a car accident and been living in a nursing home. She has no relatives or friends in Taiwan. The family on the phone would like Mr. Yan to consider their past relationship and visit her at the nursing home.

Mrs. Yan hangs up the phone, upset. However, after a while, a sense of victory wafts deep in her heart, for the rival’s life is over. Mrs. Yan’s long-standing grievance seems to be relieved finally.

Mrs. Yan takes her husband to meet the demented mistress. This is the revenge against her husband. After the visit in the nursing home, the husband is gone from home without notice.

The son’s wedding is just around the corner. Mrs. Yan needs to find her husband back soon, so he can present himself at the main table on the wedding banquet. In this chaotic and painful journey of finding the lost husband, Mrs. Yan re-examines the meaning of it all.

25 September 2022 Goddamned Asura 該死的阿修羅

Director: LOU Yi-an / 2021 / Taiwan / 114 mins









During the night of his 18th birthday, teenager Jan-Wen committed a random shooting homicide in the crowed night-market, with his self-made modified gun, for some mysterious reasons. The tragic incident caused the life of his family and friends, the victims, and the witnesses all facing the tremendous impact in the aftermath. However, what if there was a chance for these people to make different choices, will the tragedy remain? Will it be a brand new outcome if they all altered their behavior at the crucial moment?—asked by Reporter Mold…

26 September 2022 My Best Friend’s Breakfast 我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐

Director: Ryan TU / 2022 / Taiwan / 119 mins

17-year-old high school girl: JIANG Wei-Xin (played by Moon LEE) sees food as the most healing and important thing in her world. That’s how she meets TAO You-Quan (played by Eric CHOU) in the convenience store on campus. When JIANG needs five more dollars to pay for her favorite pineapple cake at the store, TAO chips in and saves her hungry day. The next day, she witnesses a nasty break-up scene, and it turns out to be TAO and his cheating girlfriend, who refuses to let go. JIANG comes up with an idea, and she uses her best friend / campus Belle: FANG Gi-Ran as an excuse to intervene, ending TAO’s previous relationship. To her, she is just returning the favor by helping him out. Since that day, FANG is receiving two sets of breakfast every morning, wooing gestures from two guys, TAO included. FANG is not interested and gives all breakfasts to her foodie friend JIANG, and she eats all. Like many other 17-year-old girls, JIANG imagines all kinds of romantic scenarios in the future; FANG and TAO do, too. At the beginning of the school year, those three could never expect so many things would happen within a year and that there will be all kinds of troubles within…but the good news is: they eventually find the answers on their way growing up and experiencing love for the first time!

27 September 2022 Waiting for My Cup of Tea 一杯熱奶茶的等待

Director: Phoebe JAN   / 2021 / Taiwan / 114 mins









On the cold Valentine’s Day14 February (set in about twenty years ago), a girl Xiao-Hua runs into a boy A-Wen who is waiting for his lover. Out of empathy, Xiao-Hua hands A-Wen a cup of hot milk tea. The two get to know each other since. On the same day, Zi-Jie Huang also bumps into Xiao-Hua. Zi-Jie behaves like a jolly charming womanizer, which makes Xiao-Hua uncomfortable. There are already frictions between the two at the first sight. Xiao-Hua is convinced that A-Wen’s lover must be Yi-Chun, known as Butterfly. Out of surprise Xiao-Hua discovers Yi-Chun cheats on A-Wen with Zi-Jie. She feels even more sympathetic to A-Wen. Xiao-Hua later realizes that Zi-Jie never gives his heart to anyone, because he could die at any second. After Zi-jie confesses to Xiao-Hua his love for her, Xiao-Hua’s ex-boyfriend Shao-Ping unexpectedly reappears and stirs up her peace. When Xiao-Hua finally admits her feeling for Zi-Jie, Zi-Jie is ill. Winter is coming to end, will there be a happy ending at the end?