Art/Movement as a Public Platform: Study on Contemporary Art and Social Movement『藝術/運動』作為公共:當代藝術與社會運動之間

  • DATE : 16/10/2023 16/10/2023
  • TIME : 13:10–15:00
  • VENUE : Online Event

2023 Spotlight Taiwan Lecture

16 October 2023 13:10-15:00 UK Time (Online)

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Art/Movement as a Public Platform: Study on Contemporary Art and Social Movement



Professor LU Pei-Yi(呂佩怡

“Art / Movement as a Public Platform: A Study of Contemporary Art and Social Movements” is a book project that aims to critically examine and map the complex, multifaceted and shifting relationship between contemporary art and social movements. Artist CHEN Chieh-Jen described his experience in the Wild Lily Student Movement in the early 90s as the feeling of  “Art←→Movement”; the double arrows facing away from each other are an index of the increasing gulf or distance between art and social movements. More recently, however, contemporary art and social movements often meet in certain moments in diverse ways and the term “Art / Movement” may be understood as referring to their complex and entangled relationship as well as their points of affinity or connection and difference. This book will critically explore the following questions: How can one explain the shift away from “Art←→Movement” to “Art/ Movement”? What is the role of art in this shift? What are some of the social, historical and political impacts of “Art/ Movement”? This book will examine specific case studies from Taiwan in the 2010s. The significance of this book stems from its account of the various ways in which “Art/ Movement” functions as a platform for public dialogue and critical exchange. On the one hand, the term “Art / Movement” calls into question the knowledge and assumptions that underlie limited definitions of the role and value of contemporary art. At the same time, the term also moves beyond conventional views of art as either lacking utility or as a mere instrument. This book thus seeks to generate public discussions and critical debate to open new horizons for understanding the complex, multifaceted and shifting relationship between art and social movements.


About the Speaker

LU Pei-Yi is an associate professor of the MA Program on Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art, the National Taipei University of Education. Her research interests are mainly divided into two: one relates to Off-Site Art (artistic practice outside museums, including art and city, community art, participatory art, socially engaged art, and activist art) and the other is about the research of exhibition Histories and curatorial studies. Her practices include associate curator of “The 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale-We Have Not Participated” (2014, OCAT Shenzhen, China); curator of “Micro Micro Revolution” (2015, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK), co-curator of “The 5th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition-Negative Horizon” (2016, Hong-gah Museum), organizer of “CONVERSATIONS.BIENNIAL” talk series (2016, Taipei Fine Art Museum) and organizer of “Curating History/ Histories of Curating in Asia I & II” (2017-2018, Taipei MOCA). Her publications can be found in various conferences, academic journals and book chapters. A research-based book organized by her Contemporary Art Curating in Taiwan (1992-2012) was nominated for the 10th Annual Award of Art China for Publication of the Year. Now, she is working on a book project “Art/ Movement as a Public Platform” about the various relationships between art and activism.

呂佩怡目前擔任國立台北教育大學當代藝術評論與策展全英文碩士學程副教授。她的研究方向分為兩部分:一為美術館之外藝術實踐與策展,包括藝術與城市、社區 / 社群 / 社會參與、文化行動等。另一軸線關注展覽史、策展研究。她的策展與策劃實踐,例如「第八届深圳雕塑双年展-我們從未參與」(2014, OCAT深圳)」副策展人]、「微型小革命」(2015,英國曼徹斯特華人當代藝術中心)」策展人、「第五屆台灣國際錄像藝術展-負地平線」(2016,鳳甲美術館)」共同策展人、「對談雙年展」(2016,北美館) 策劃主持、「春之當代夜-亞洲策展史I&II」(2017-2018,台北當代館)策劃主持。發表散見於國內外研討會、學術期刊等,《台灣當代策展二十年(1992-2012)》獲得第十屆AAC藝術中國「年度出版提名獎」。目前正在進行《藝術/運動作為公共平台之可能》專書寫作計畫,探討藝術與行動主義之間的多重關係。