2019 Event Gallery

Edinburgh Taiwan Film Festival


2018 Event Gallery

The Taiwan Animation Festival and VR Exhibition and Workshop



2017 Event Gallery

Artist Prof. Mali Wu giving lecture ” From The Concept of Social Sculpture to the Public Art in Taiwan: My artistic Journey” chaired by Marko Daniel (Tate Modern) on 28 October 20


Art and Translation in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea international symposium on 28 & 29 October 2017

Taiwan Cinema: “Godspeed” & “The Receptionist” in Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

“The Receptionist” VIP reception & Director’s Q&A



2015 Event Gallery

Writer Ang Li Giving Lecture on Sex, Food and Politics at the Fringe 27 August 2015

L1210217  L1210228

Director Doze Niu of Paradise in Service at Edinburgh International Film Festival

24- 25 June 2015 Odeon Cinema, Edinburgh


Prof. Ou-Fan Leo Lee Giving A Keynote Lecture  15 June, 2015 University of Edinburgh

L1200858  L1200854

Dimension of Mobility International Workshop   14-15 June, 2015

L1200830  L1200843

L1210032  L1210019


Lectures: “Trans-disciplinary Art – Jun-Jieh Wang’s Future Media” with Jun-Jie Wang & “Curating Beyond National Representation” with Dr Felix Schöber

29 April 2015 University of Edinburgh

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Signing of Spotlight Taiwan memorandum presented by Wang Keng-ling (Head of the MOC Department of Cultural in London) and Hamish MacAndrew (Head of the Research Office at Edinburgh Research and Innovation). University of Edinburgh, 2015

HamishMacAndrew_DirectWangPhoto1-1  image 2



2014 Event gallery

‘Beyond Island-Contemporary Art of Taiwan and East Asia’ Conference

11-12 June 2014 University of Edinburgh




2013 Event Gallery

29 November 2013 Music from Formosa-Piano Recital by Yu-siang Huang, The Reid Concert Hall

29 November 2013  Spotlight Taiwan Film Workshop with film directors Shen Ko-shang, Chang Jung-chi, Tsai Yin-chuan, and scholars Ming-Yeh Rawnsley and Julian Ward.

27 November-3 December 2013, Taiwan Filmfest, Filmhouse Cinema Edinburgh