Dr Felix Schöber (Independent Curator)

For the last two decades, Taiwan- or rather the Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan- has represented Taiwanese contemporary art through group shows, which used different artists to fill in positions inside a pattern that changed only very little over the years.

Dr Schoeber will present a series of exhibitions that dealt with Taiwanese contemporary art in a radically different matter: as a survey or rather reconstruction of a discursive space, a format that I adopted in 2003 in “Taiwan art/film/video”, or rather as a confrontation of individual artists with specific questions of the museum space and contemporary art, as in Yang Mao-lin’s solo show “Temple of Sublime Beauty, Made in Taiwan”, a collateral event of the 2009 Venice Biennale, or Michael Lin’s first large-scale retrospective “The Colour is Bright, the Beauty is Generous” in 2010 at the Centro Luigi Pecci, Prato.

F Schoeber curates Yang Maolin Temple of Sublime Beauty Venice 2009  f-schoeber-michael-lin-2010

(Felix Schoeber curates exhibitions of Yang Mao-lin in 2009 and Michael Lin in 2010)



Felix Schöber holds a PhD in social sciences from Westminster University in London, with a thesis on the history of Taiwanese national representation through contemporary art. He has been curating contemporary art since 1996. A selection of projects include:

  • City.Nature, Masterpiece Art Center, Taipei 1996
  • Inhaling Space, Exhaling Time, IT Park Gallery, Taipei 1999
  • Sichere freiheit, Lothringer13/LADEN at Munich 2003
  • Taiwan art/film/video, Lothringer13/LADEN, Lothringer13/spiegel, Munich 2003
  • The Age of Transformation, MoCA Shanghai, 2006
  • Temple of Sublime Beauty, Made in Taiwan, Venice Biennale, collateral event, 2009
  • The Colour is Bright, the Beauty is Generous, Centro Pecci, Prato 2010 
  • Future Pass, Venice Biennale, collateral event, 2011
  • Strings, Chiwen Gallery, Taipei 2014.

He has held lectures on contemporary Taiwanese art at Sotheby’s Institute London and Ca´Foscari University Venice.