• DATE : 13/07/2021 13/07/2021
  • TIME : 13:00–14:00
  • VENUE : Online Event

2021 Spotlight Taiwan  Lecture on Contemporary Art

Lecture by ARTIST YU Cheng-Ta (余政達)


Yu Cheng-Ta (b. 1983, Taiwan)

The Taipei-based multimedia artist Yu Cheng-Ta’s work often involves verbal communication with the subjects and viewers in a playful manner to create the concept of “life theatre”, that is, deliberately setting up real life situations as the shooting scenes. Since 2017 he has been exploring the performativity of gender in mass media, thinking through individual/collective identity and the political function of the queer imagination in a society of mediatization.

Yu earned both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in fine arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts. He was a recipient of the Taipei Arts Award in 2008 and the Beacon Prize at Art Fair Tokyo in 2012. Yu participated in the 6th Taipei Biennial and was featured in the Taiwan Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale. In 2009, he participated in the Biennial Cuvée 08 at OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria. In 2012, he took part in the 5th International Biennial of Media Art at Experimenta in Melbourne, Australia, and Le Festival Made in Asia in Toulouse, France. In 2013, Yu held a solo exhibition at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, and took part in the Asian Art Biennial at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, as well as Queens International at Queens Museum in New York. In 2014, he held the solo exhibition “Practicing LIVE” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum and participated in the 10th Shanghai Biennial, the 2nd CAFA Biennial in Beijing, and Asian Art Week at the Asia Society Museum in New York. In 2015, he took part in the 56th Berlin International Film Festival Forum Expanded. In 2016, he exhibited in Gwangju City Museum of Art, and in Centre Pompidou. His film project “Tell Me What You Want (2015-2017)” presented in Centre Pompidou in Paris and Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen in 2018. In 2019, he participated Performa Biennial in New York and created the virtual character “FAMEME”. In 2020, he held a solo exhibition at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in South Korea. 



1983年生於台灣台南,畢業於國立台北藝術大學美術學院美術系及美術創作碩士班,目前居住及創作於台北。2008年參加第六屆台北雙年展並獲台北美術獎首獎,2009年代表台灣參加第五十三屆威尼斯雙年展台灣館,同年受邀參與奧地利林茲復刻雙年展。2012年獲得東京藝術博覽會唯一獎項培根獎殊榮,並參與第五屆澳洲墨爾本媒體藝術雙年展及法國圖魯斯亞洲製造藝術節,2013年參與紐約ART+網路雙年展、國立台灣美術館亞洲雙年展以及紐約皇后美術館年度計畫Queens International2014年受邀中國中央美院的雙年展、國立台灣美術館台灣美術雙年展,與紐約年度藝術盛事「亞洲當代藝術週」重要論壇。作品《Practicing LIVE(2014)受邀2014年第十屆上海雙年展及2015年第五十六屆柏林國際影展「Forum Expanded」單元。2016年作品於韓國光州市立美術館及巴黎龐畢度藝術中心展出。2018年,於巴黎龐畢度藝術中心與丹麥夏洛特堡宮進行紀錄片《Tell Me What You Want(2015-2017)個人放映。2019年參與紐約Performa雙年展,創造了角色「法咪咪(FAMEME)」。2020年於韓國京畿道美術館舉行個展。

About the lecture

Yu Cheng-ta has played multiple roles as artist, director, performer, curator and institutional executive and has extended his artistic practice in drag through the amalgamation of contemporary media, visuality and queer culture since 2017. Through his recent curatorial projects relating to queer, including “Queen Me” and “Liqueered”, the experimental film “Tell Me What You Want”, and the virtual characters “Watermelon Sisters” and “FAMEME”, Yu’s lecture shares his artistic views and discusses how artists can perform in the expend field of liquefied camp in-between the diverse institutional establishments and cultures.

2017年開始,余政達在身份上扮演著藝術家、導演、表演者、策劃人與機構營運者多重的角色,並在藝術實踐上與當代媒體、影像文化、酷兒族群間,延展出多重扮裝(drag)的創作。此演講將以他近年與酷兒相關的藝術計畫為主軸,透過實驗電影「Tell Me What You Want」;策劃案「Queen Me」、「Liqueered」;與虛擬身份「Watermelon Sisters」、「FAMEME」,來展開創作觀念上的分享,並看見藝術家如何在與不同的體制與文化對話中,操作出液態的敢曝 (camp)表演。