REALITies Incubation – VR Exhibition of Tzu-Ning Wu孵化現實 // 吳梓寧VR創作個展

Artist Tzu-Ning Wu’s work involves 3D animation to demonstrate virtual identities, virtual cities, and virtual natures in the cyber space. Her Cyberbeingsseries, created in 2003, was chosen as one of the Honourable Mentions for the Taipei Arts Awards in 2004. The Cyber Nativeseries, from 2006 to 2009, describes a self-portrait of the artist’s avatar through the dynamic changes of screen snapshots of websites and browser’s interface to form a technological exterior similar to a semi-aboriginal totem as her technical skin. In 2016, the series Cyber Native – Shanghai Planet, Cyber Samsara, and the GFP Posthuman Farmcontinued to investigate technology and physical adjustment, which demonstrates that while humans create technology, they are also under the influence of a dynamic circular relationship molded by technology. Furthermore, a new art project in 2018, Metaverse, delves into post-human, self-incubating and self-fashioning technologies to correspond with the theme of “+REALITies Incubation”.


Wu Tzu-Ning (Laza Wu)

Born in 1978, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Dr. Wu received her Ph.D. in creative art and theory from Tainan National University of the Arts, and is the associate professor of the Art Industry Department at National Taitung University, Taiwan. She was the curator of the “Freeze! 2009 International MedTech Art Show” cooperated with NTMOFA. She concerned about the technology and the body issues in contemporary art creations and curatorials practices. Her personal artworks in the past were mixed media and installations with theatrical and literary characteristics, which were related to the aesthetics of “concrete poetry”. In recent years, her interactive and performance works are combined with the digital new media and interactive video projections. She is keenly working on the layout through the exhibition to question about the circular causal relationship between the artist, artworks and the audiences, and also presenting her doubts of daily life and social relations. From “Cyberbeings”(2003) to “Mind Your Body”(2011) and “WORDS”(2013) a series of her solo exhibitions, she discussed the issue of “Body as a Cybernetic Medium” through her presentation. Her 2016 solo exhibition “Born Beyond the Womb”(2016) at the Goethe Institute Shanghai was evoked by the biotechnology and her persistent research and creations about the “Posthuman Body” issues. In 2018, she involves in the “doomsday school” art project, by exploring the technical essence of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality through her work “Metaverse” to build a virtual Ark and preserving cultural assets with 3D scanning technology. From Modernology perspective to rethinking about common modern objects and to imagine how to survive (or not) under the ultimate apocalypse. Her recent works have been collected by Art Bank Taiwan, White Rabbit Gallery (Australia) and various international institutions.



2013 Kaohsiung Awards, KMFA, Taiwan
2010 National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) Grant of International Culture Exchange “8 Femme” Exhibition, Taiwan
2005 The Art & Design Elite Scholarship Program 2005, Australia & New Zealand, Taiwan
2005 National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) Grant of Exhibition “Cyberbeings 2: Install Your Soul”, Taiwan
2004 Taipei Arts Award 2004, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Honorable Mention, Taiwan
2001 NKNU Arts Award 2001, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016  Born Beyond the Womb – 2016 Wu Tzu-Ning solo exhibition, Goethe Institut, Shanghai, China
2013  WORDS-Laza Wu Tzu-Ning 2013 solo exhibition, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung
2012  Oasis Project: 1001 Stories of Plants, Facebook Fans Page
2011  Mind Your Body-2011 Lazawu solo exhibition, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan
2008-2009  Cyber-ring _Cyclorama Digital Art Creation Series 1, NTMOFA, Taichung, Taiwan
2005  Cyberbeings Ⅲ-Cyber Mirror Maze, NIREEDA Apartment Geelong, Australia
2005  Cyberbeings Ⅱ-Install Your Soul, SLY Art Space, Taipei,Taiwan
2004  LAZA’s Insomnia Web, http://
2003  It´s better to be a housekeeper rather than being an art servant, TNNUA, Tainan, Taiwan
2002  Art servant in Kaohsiung Solo Exhibition on paper, TNNUA, Tainan, Taiwan
2001  Insomnia-Laza’s solo exhibition, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018  Transform – Next Art Tainan Award, Absolute Space for the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan.
2017  The Days of the Flâneur, Tunghai University Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan.
2016  The Future Invitation, Farglory Museums, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
2016  Looking back under the stars, Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2016  Programa New Media Art Taiwan Pais Invitado Madatac07, Palacio de Cibeles、Universidad Complutense de Madrid、CirculoBellasArtes de Madrid, Spain.
2015  Sleepless Dwelling-Taipei Art District Festival 2015, Asia Art Center Taipei Ⅱ, Taipei, Taiwan
2015  Bongsan Art Road Festival, Daegu, Korea.
2015  Asian Experimental Film & Performance Art / Selection 1-Taiwan, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary  Art/ Goyang, Seoul
2015  N-Minutes video art Festival 2015, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China.
2015  Hors Pistes Japon 2015, UPLINK, Tokyo, Japan.
2015  (CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS – Audiovisual Media Festival 2015, Polymer(Taipei), Freedom Men Apartments(Taichung), Yard / Theatre(Kaohsiung), Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo(Hsinchu), Taiwan.
2015  TYPEMOTION. Type as Image in Motion, NTMOFA, Taichung, Taiwan
2014  Voices Travel: Conversation Between Two Harbours, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaousiung, Taiwan
2014  The Way to Cultivate An Artist, 116 Art Center, NKNU, Kaohsiung
2014  2014 New Year New Hope – futures of (Contemporary) Ecosystem of (Art) in (Taiwan),TAV-Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2013  The Quaternary: Alternating & Regeneration-CAFAxTNNUA, CAFA, Beijing, China
2013  Trajectoires, Cutlog Art Fair – Paris, Atelier Richelieu 60, rue de Richelieu, Paris, France
2013  Empty Happiness, Cutlog Art Fair – New York, The Clemente 107 Suffolk St, New York, USA
2013  Man on wire – yes, you can swing, CRANE Gallery, Kaohsiung
2013  Fantasy Classroom-The Butter Cat Laboratory-Contemporary Women Artists exhibition, Taiwan Women’s Art Association, Art space of Cultural Affairs Department, Taipei
2013  Here!, FreeS Art Space─The Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) and Hantoo Art Group, Taipei
2013 LOOP Ⅱ, tamtamART TAIPEI IPIX, Taipei2013 Kaohsiung Awards, Kaousiung Museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012  DELTA: Living Gesture in Asia Ⅱ- Trans-territory, Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2012  Public Art for All, Kaousiung Museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012  Motherhood – Mother Images in Asian Art, Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul, Korea
2011  DELTA: Living Gesture in Asia- ASIA ART FORUM 2011, DELTA online gallery
2011  Derailment, Stock 20 in Taichung railway station, Taichung, Taiwan
2011  ACA-Animation + Comic + Contemporary Arts, The Pier-2 Art Center, Warehouse C5, Kaohsiung
2010  i-Body, TDAIC online gallery
2010  Self Stalker_ Projected History, MIGA Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan
2010  8 Femmes, TAMTAM8 Art Space, Berlin, Germany
2009  A Riot of Colors: Invincible East, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan
2008  A Riot of Colors: Localization and Globalization, National Hualien University of Education, Hualien, Taiwan
2007  NTTU Art Industry Group Exhibition 2007, Taitung Social Education Center, Taitung,Taiwan
2007  Opening Exhibition of DigiArk, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2006  The 12 Apostles, ARTCO DE CAFÉ Creative Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2005  Federation Square VJ Show 2005 Australia, Melbourne, Australia,
2005  The Nonlinear Sculpture City, Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival 2005, Hualien, Taiwan
2005  Media in “f”, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2005  Shrub of Flowers, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2004  Taipei Arts Award 2004, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2004  The Whimsical and the Fantastic,
2004  Sashay Envision, Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan
2004  Out of Infinity, Stock 20 in Taichung railway station, Taichung, Taiwan
2003  Plastic-91Groupshow, Tainan National College of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2002  You Can Use Me, Tainan National College of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2001  Bye! My Precious Salad Days, Kaohsiung Municipal Cultural Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2000  Political Donuts, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2000  To Da&Ma, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1999  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1998  Fearless Weaner, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Public Art Commissioned

2013  Monsters! Art Carnival – Taitung Hsin Sheng Junior High School Public Art Project
2012  City Portal – Public Art for Everyone, KMFA
2012  Art Museum Park Public Art Project, The Children Museum of KMFA
2007  DigiArk of NTMOFA Outdoor Opening Show
2006  Taoyuan Hakka Culture and Arts Festival Outdoor Public Art Installations
2005  Federation Square Outdoor VJ Show Public Art Performance, Melbourne, Australia
2001  921 Earthquake Primary School Walls Painting
1999  The Hsinchu Glass Art Festival Outdoor Public Art installations

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2013 高雄獎入選
2010 財團法人國家文化藝術基金會國際文化交流「大女圖」展覽獎助
2005 獲選2005年教育部藝術與設計菁英海外培訓計畫「數位媒體組」獎助
2005 財團法人國家文化藝術基金會「虛境公民2-網路靈魂銀行」展覽獎助
2004 臺北美術獎2004優選
2001 高師大美術系展首獎



2016 「恆空出世-2016吳梓寧創作個展」德国駐上海哥德學院開放空間,上海,中國。

2013 「WORD-吳梓寧2013創作個展」臺東美術館,臺東

2012 「綠洲計畫:1001個植物的故事」Facebook粉絲頁

2011 「即身書寫-Mind Your Body-2011吳梓寧創作個展」,國立臺南藝術大學視覺館,臺南

2008-2009 「虛鏡迴圈Cyber-ring:360 度環景數位影像創作系列1」,國立臺灣美術館,臺中

2005 「虛境公民Ⅲ-Cyber Mirror Maze」個展,NIREEDA Apt. Geelong,澳洲

2005 「虛境公民Ⅱ-網路靈魂銀行」個展,新樂園藝術空間,臺北

2004 「拉雜花創作網頁」網路個展

2003 「家庭主婦藝術家-家庭代工篇」房間個展,臺南藝術學院,臺南

2002 「高雄苦力女」紙上個展,臺南藝術學院,臺南

2001 「失眠症」畢業個展,高雄師範大學,高雄



2018 「末日學校」㗊機體+牠的朋友們,「文化部科技藝術實驗創新及輔導推動計畫」,空總創新基地,臺北,臺灣

2018 「變形記」臺南新藝獎,絕對空間,臺南,臺灣

2017 「浪蕩子的日常」,東海大學藝術中心,臺中,臺灣

2016 「未來請柬」,遠雄人文博物館二館,新北市,臺灣

2016 「星空下的回望」,駁二藝術特區當代館,高雄,臺灣

2016 「MADATAC07西班牙當代新媒體音像藝術展/C.O.A.M.臺灣單元」,西貝勒斯宮、康普頓斯大學、希古洛藝術中心,馬德里,西班牙

2015 「不眠的居所-2015大內藝術節」,亞洲藝術中心二館,臺北,臺灣

2015 「鳳山路藝術節」,大邱,韓國

2015 「亞洲實驗電影與表演藝術/臺灣單元」,國立現當代美術館高陽駐村地,首爾,韓國

2015 「N分鐘影像藝術節」,上海CAC新時線媒體藝術中心、上海21世紀民生美術館,上海,中國

2015 「龐畢度/日本東京前衛影像藝術節2015」,UPLINK,東京,日本

2015 「當。滲透影像媒體藝術節」,空場(臺北)、自由人藝術公寓(臺中)、院子劇場(高雄)、江山藝改所(新竹),臺灣

2015 「形‧動─國際文字影像藝術展」,國立臺灣美術館,臺中,臺灣

2014 「聲語遶境:兩個港口的對話─ 臺灣與北愛爾蘭交流展」,高雄市立美術館,高雄

2014 「藝術家的養成之道」,高師大116藝術中心,高雄

2014 「2014新年新希望-關於那些我想/說的未來」,寶藏巖國際藝術村,臺北

2013 「第四紀:交替與新生」中央美院x南藝博士生交流展覽,中央美術學院,北京,中國

2013 「Cutlog藝術節-巴黎軌跡」,黎塞留工作室60,黎塞留街,巴黎,法國

2013 「Cutlog藝術節-紐約空虛的幸福」,克萊門特107薩福克街,紐約,美國

2013 「從邊境出發」,弔詭畫廊,高雄

2013 「空想教室之奶油貓貓實驗室-當代女性藝術家聯展」臺灣女性藝術學會,臺北市政府文化局藝響空間,臺北

2013 「這裡Here!」,福利社藝術空間─視盟+悍圖社,臺北

2013 「LOOPⅡ」tamtamART TAIPEI IPIX, 臺北

2013 「2013高雄獎」高雄市立美術館,高雄

2012 「DELTA亞洲生活手勢Ⅱ-跳境」臺南藝術大學視覺館,臺南

2012 「大家的公共藝術」教育展,高雄市立美術館-兒童美術館,高雄

2012 「Motherhood모성」,梨花女子大學美術館,首爾,韓國

2011 「DELTA亞洲生活手勢-2011亞洲藝術學術論壇網路展覽」,DELTA亞洲生活手勢線上藝廊

2011 「聯想鬆弛derailment – 出軌聯展」,臺中二十號倉庫主展場,臺中

2011 「ACA交流電-駁二動漫祭」,駁二藝術特區,高雄

2010 「虛擬身體i-body」,TDAIC線上藝廊

2010 「近身潛獵_向歷史投影」聯展,MIGA藝術空間,臺南

2010 「大女圖」聯展,TAMTAM8 Art Space,柏林,德國

2009 「原色風情.東方不敗」亞洲國際藝術節,國立東華大學,花蓮

2008 「原色風情~在地性與全球化」亞洲國際藝術節,國立花蓮教育大學,花蓮

2007 「國立臺東大學美術產業學系師生暨校友聯展」,臺東社教館,臺東

2007 「數位藝術方舟-325啟航」開幕聯展,國立臺灣美術館,臺中

2006 「The 12 Apostles」紐澳數位媒體菁英聯展,ARTCO DE CAFÉ 典藏創意空間,臺北

2005 「Federation Square VJ Show 2005 Australia」,墨爾本,澳洲

2005 「2005 花蓮國際石雕藝術季-非線性的雕塑城市」,花蓮文化中心,花蓮

2005 「Media in “f”」2005 世界婦女年會:第九屆國際跨領域女性大會藝術展,梨花女子大學藝術中心,首爾,韓國

2005 「美術高雄2004-高雄一欉花」,高雄市立美術館,高雄

2004 「臺北美術獎2004」聯展,臺北市立美術館,臺北

2004 「奇想」臺灣媒體藝術家作品選集

2004 「想像的滑步」,臺中臻品藝術中心,臺中

2004 「大‧無‧限」,臺中20 號倉庫,臺中

2003 「有菱有角的顆」,臺南藝術學院,臺南

2002 「阿貓也有春天」,臺南藝術學院,臺南

2001 「青春,我寶貴的青春」美術系畢業聯展,高雄市立文化中心,高雄

2000 「蔬果甜甜圈」美術系展優選,高師大畫廊,高雄

2000 「授之父母」美術系展優選,高師大畫廊,高雄

1999 「一閃一閃亮晶晶」90級大二班展,高師大文學大樓,高雄

1998 「初生之犢不畏虎」90級大一班展,高師大畫廊,高雄





2013 「有怪獸!藝術嘉年華」臺東新生國中公共藝術設置計畫,臺東新生國中,臺東,臺灣

2012 「城市門戶美術館園區公共藝術設置計畫案」邀請比件,高雄市立美術館,高雄,臺灣

2012 「城市門戶美術館園區公共藝術設置計畫案-大家的公共藝術」教育展,高雄市立美術館-兒童美術館,高雄,臺灣

2006 「桃園客家文化藝術節戶外公共藝術裝置」-「家箱」,楊梅,臺灣

2005 「澳洲墨爾本Federation Square 戶外影音公共藝術展演」-「Cyberbeings」,墨爾本,澳洲

2001 「921災區小學臨時教室牆面彩繪」,臺中,臺灣

1999 「1999竹塹國際玻璃藝術節戶外公共藝術裝置」,新竹玻璃工藝博物館,新竹,臺灣