To mark the ‘Taiwan Season’, the project brings an exciting collaboration with the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) to showcase the Taiwanese film on 22 & 24 June 2017 for Godspeed and 26 & 27 June 2017 for Receptionist.


22 and 24 June 2017 

Godspeed (一路順風)             

Mong-Hong Chung / Taiwan / 2016 / 1h51min

Michael Hui, Na-Dou Lin, Leon Dai

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Na Dow, a punk who grew up lying, stealing and fooling around, decides to straighten out and takes his first steady job as a courier. The job is simple: hail a cab at sunrise, deliver a package to a close friend of Na Dow’s boss, and return on the same cab by sunset. It turns out that he would be delivering heroin of top-notch quality. Na Dow hesitantly gets on a shabby taxi driven by the carefree Old Xu, a Hong Kong native who came to Taiwan 25 years ago and somehow decided to stay. Na Dow’s plan to reform himself and Old Xu’s wish for a peaceful life take a downturn when they become the target of a mob attack. The drugs and the money are gone, and both of them are held hostage in the trunk of a car.


26-27 June 2017

The Receptionist (接線員)

Jenny Lu / Taiwan / 2017 / 102 mins 

Teresa Daley, Chen Shiang Chyi, Josh Whitehouse

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The Receptionist is a drama based on an illegal massage parlour in London, and follows the lives of the employees and clients as seen through the eyes of a Taiwanese graduate employed as a receptionist. Weighed down by financial problems, a Taiwanese girl Tina secretly takes a job as a receptionist at an illegal massage parlour in London. As she slowly gets to know the women who work there, Tina is forced to question her values as she discovers humour and humanity in the most unlikely of places. But how far will she be drawn into this world, and can she avoid losing herself in the process?