TAIWAN FILMFEST 2023 // 電影//開麥拉//

2023 Spotlight Taiwan Film Festival in Scotland


Time: 4 Nov 13:00-16:00

Venue: The Burrell Collection, Glasgow

*Post-screening Q & A with the film director TSAI Tsung-lung and Dr Isabelle Cockel




And A Mile To Go Before I Sleep(九槍)

蔡崇隆 TSAI Tsung-lung|臺灣 Taiwan|2022|DCP |Colour|90min

Best Documentary Film at the 59th Golden Horse Award.


To see is to act –what the death of a migrant worker can tell us about humanity? The screening of ‘And More Miles to Go Before I Sleep’


Migrant workers in Taiwan rallied for abolishing the use of brokering industry to recruit migrant workers and calling for replacing it with government-to-government recruitment.

Nguyen Quoc Phi was nobody before he died, but now he tells his own story as a young migrant from Nghệ An, Vietnam, to Taiwan in this documentary. Phi was an undocumented migrant worker, or a ‘runaway’, in northern Taiwan before he was shot nine times by the police and left unattended by the paramedics on 31 August 2017. What made him ‘run away’ from his factory work? How did he find jobs in various construction sites? Why did he start taking drugs? Was he an imperfect victim? These are straightforward questions leading to complicated answers. And More Miles to Go Before I Sleep (Nine Shots in Chinese) brings to the fore the nakedness of discrimination and the challenges to humanity if we choose to be bystanders indifferent to inequality and injustice. Please join us for the screening of this award-winning documentary and find out how each of us can take action to stop discrimination and inequality.

2022 金馬獎最佳紀錄片





Time: 6 November 2023 16:00-18:00

《Chin Chih Yang—Face the Earth(肉身搏天)

黃明川 HUANG MingchuanTaiwan2017HDColour85min

Venue: ECA Main Building 0.28, 74 Lauriston Place Edinburgh EH3 9DF


Best Documentary of 2018 Southampton International Film Festival, UK

Nominee for best photography at the Southampton International Film Festival (2018), UK

Nominee for best editing at the Southampton International Film Festival (2018), UK

Selected screening at the Chicago International Indie Film Festival (CIIFF 2020), USA

Selected screening at the 2017 Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival, Taiwan

Selected screening for the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, Japan

Taiwanese artists travel abroad to Tokyo or Paris as early as the Japanese colonial period before World War II. And a majority of much younger artists shifted to New York. Most of these artists from Taiwan were painters with very few involved in performing art. Chin Chih Yang stood out as one of the few delivering his ideas through his own body and headed on global issues such as pollution, water shortage, and global warming.

Western artists tend to present their performance by torturing themselves, very often inviting the audience to be involved in the process, helping them collectively for instance. Yet Yang may go further, sometimes expressing the topics even with humour. He concentrates on huge threats created by humans and apposes so-called Avant-garde art in theory personally. The undermined global seriousness is what he is after. He tries hard to warn people of disasters we shall encounter if we do not face the problem sincerely enough.










Time: 6 November 2023 16:00-18:00 

Alley Forever Young(給自己的情書)

黃明川 HUANG MingchuanTaiwan2018HDColour75min

Venue: ECA Main Building 0.28, 74 Lauriston Place Edinburgh EH3 9DF


Alley Forever Young competed at a 2017-18 public art project commissioned by the Taipei City Government for the city’s west side history. It was selected as the best film proposal among the final four whilst the city started to accept the film as a form of public art.

Taipei City established its early development from today’s westside where the old town was surrounded by stone walls in the Manchurian colonial years. By choosing 6 actresses and actors to play key roles, the film travels constantly between the much later 1930s and 2010 in time of Japanese and Chinese Nationalist rules. Accordingly, these two eras’ young men and girls express different attitudes in the profession, concepts, way of life and political environments. Adding fictional acting and conversations by no means allows the film to flow freely in between true and non-true visual vocabularies as well, which may in turn come closer to what we encounter every day in the online world.

This film uses many old B+W photos and 16 mm stocks by two famous photographers before World War II. It reinforces the images of Japanese domination, especially attentively focusing on ladies and the city scenes of Taipei, which in the end makes 80 years of history flash easily as mirages in viewing the movie. In addition, a Japanese propaganda documentary named Southward Expansion to Taiwan helps to depict a full spectrum of the old town in great detail throughout the story.

《給自己的情書》是 2017-2018年間「臺北地景公共藝術(西區)設置計畫B案」以臺北西區為創作範圍,經邀請比件獲選的專案。




Time: 7 November 2023 16:00-18:00

Venue: HB_O.25 (ECA Cinema) (Hunter Building), 74 Lauriston Place Edinburgh EH3 9DF

Your Face(你的臉)

蔡明亮 TSAI Ming-liangTaiwan2019HDColour76min

Best Documentary at the 56th Golden Horse Award

Best Documentary at the Taipei Film Festival

75th Venice International Film Festival – Biennale Cinema 2018

Selection for the New York Film Festival 2019.

Instead of telling what a right or wrong relationship is like, or answering the philosophical question of what is love, this film is more about the relationship between individual love biography and the biography of modernity. Whilst in the film, we delve into the industry and understand how Chinese people define themselves and the meaning of happiness. What you hear amongst the wedded ones would be an exchange without any trace of disguise, a conversation of nothing but honesty.

“Radically rethinking the tired talking-heads template, Tsai Ming-liang’s latest digital experiment turns the human face into a subject of dramatic intrigue. Comprised of a series of portrait shots of mostly anonymous individuals (Tsai devotees will no doubt recognize his long-time muse, Lee Kang-sheng), the film shrewdly deemphasizes language while reducing context to a bare minimum. In their place, the beauty and imperfections of each face take centre stage. Accompanied by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack of dynamically modulating drone frequencies, Tsai’s subjects variously speak, stare, and, at one point, sleep as the camera quietly registers the weight of personal history and accumulated experience writ beautifully across every last pore and crevasse.”—NYFF

一個個特寫的長鏡頭,細細端詳一張張臉孔,有的細説從前,有的沉默不語。中山堂內,十三張臉都有故事,淺淺深深的皺紋,都是歲月的痕跡 。蔡明亮在台北街頭尋找想要拍的臉,他的腦海裏浮現了一些詞句:「有一點光,有一個故事;你的臉,訴説着歲月,走過的地方;你的眼睛,有一些迷惘,也有些哀傷;有一點光,有一個故事;你的臉,訴説着愛情,躲藏的地方;你的眼睛,有一些明亮,也有些黯然」。


Time: 10 November 2023 16:00-17:30 

Deepest Uprising(波濤最深處)

黃明川 HUANG MingchuanTaiwan2020HDColour78min

Venue: Venue: Hunter Lecture Theatre, 74 Lauriston Place Edinburgh EH3 9DF

*Post-screening Q & A with the film director HUANG Mingchuan, followed by a drink reception*


As the Asian economy booms, traditional social order shifts alongside. Despite diverse developments in different societies, female self-consciousness has gradually taken shape and a new era is born. Yet political and religious conflicts and bloodshed never cease. And customary discrimination and misogynistic crimes remain the norm.

In DEEPEST UPRISING, interviews with a group of women poets took place from different regions across Asia, including Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. The film reveals personal insights and the poetry reflects the hopes and sufferings they have confronted, very often through war, governmental policies and traditional practices.

The film highlights how women poets struggle to break free from shackles in changing societies. All these points out that a new female literature movement and richness in ideas have given birth to Asia.