The Algorithm of Gender & Sexuality in the Digital Age 鄭淑麗//數位時代性慾與性別的算法

Taiwan Academy Lecture The Algorithm of Gender & Sexuality in the Digital Age Lecture by Shu Lea Cheang Cheang constructs networked installation and multi-player performance in participatory impromptu mode. She draft sci-fi narratives in film scenario and artwork imagination. She also builds the social interface with transgressive plots and open netwo...
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TAIWAN FILMFEST 2019 //電影//開麥拉//

  13th September 2019 Father to Son 范保德 Director HSIAO Ya-Chuan / 2018 / Taiwan / 115 mins Screening followed by Director's Q&A Van Pao-Te, who is now 60 years old, finds himself suffering from a serious illness, instead of getting treatment, he decides to go to Japan to look for his father who abandoned him 50 years ago with the a...
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Interbreeding: The Vitality of Taiwan’s Art Group after 1990s 薛保瑕//插枝接枝 - 90年代後臺灣藝術團體的活力

Taiwan Academy Lecture Interbreeding: The Vitality of Taiwan's Art Group after 1990s   Lecture by Professor Ava Hsueh   Photo credit to Joy Chuang Prof. Ava Hsueh obtained her D.A. degree of School of Education, Department of Art and Art Professions in New York University; currently serves as the Honorary Professor i...
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