Challenge and Change: The History of Taiwanese Independent Documentary 轉變與挑戰:臺灣的獨立製作紀錄片

2022 Spotlight Taiwan Lecture Pin-Chuan Chen: Challenge and Change: The History of Taiwanese Independent Documentary Abstract In 2004, Gift of Life (生命), a Taiwanese independent documentary about the aftermath of a severe earthquake that hit central Taiwan in 1999, was released in cinemas. It broke the Taiwanese film box office record for domestic feature-length films, achie...
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Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: A Path towards Freedom

Spotlight Taiwan 2022 Lecture Series ( Livestream via Zoom)   Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 894 4110 3770 Passcode: Spotlight2 Abstract Fieldoffice Architects (hereinafter referred to as Fieldoffice) rooted in the landscape of Yilan is an "alliance of gathered will" of nearly thirty people that is steadily growing ...
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LIFEWORKS 1978-1999

2022 Spotlight Taiwan Lecture Tehching Hsieh: LIFEWORKS 1978-1999 Abstract My performance work shows different perspectives of thinking about life, but these perspectives are all based on the same precondition: Life is a life sentence Life is passing time Life is freethinking   About the Speaker Tehching Hsieh was born in 1950 in Nan-Chou, Taiwan. Hsieh ...
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TAIWAN FILMFEST 2022//電影//開麥拉// 電影//開麥拉

Tickets purchase via Filmhouse website 23 September 2022 Listen Before You Sing 聽見歌再唱 Director: Shine YANG / 2021 / Taiwan / 113 mins An elementary school located on the deep mountain is facing a crisis of being abolished due to population migration. The PE teacher is assigned to form a choir, and to win the national choir contest in order to solve such crisis. With limi...
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Drawing and Being Drawn by Emotions

      Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 871 7022 2132 Passcode: Spotlight1   Artist Pei-Hsin CHO will share with the audience her process of creating comics, picture books and animations for multiple media. Her talk will guide us to her inner world full of emotion, sentiment, and pass...
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Imagination: The Wonderland of Picture Books 幻。畫: 繪本的奇藝世界

2022 Spotlight Taiwan Lecture Su-Hsing Lin: Imagination: The Wonderland of Picture Books Abstract The study on "Picture Book" began and then flourished in Britain in the late 19th century, subsequently surging into the art community in Japan. After the Meiji Restoration in 1868, works of many prominent European and American thinkers and painters were extensively published ...
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